A select collection of my research and intern projects in reverse chronological order.


To be announced soon :D




Software Engineering Intern @ Google

May 2023 -- Aug. 2023 Manager and Mentor:: Dr. Aart Bik · Working on the GPU backend for sparse tensor in the MLIR compiler

Applied Scientist Intern @ Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Graph Machine Learning (AGML) Team, May 2022 -- Aug. 2022 Manager and Mentor:: Dr. Da Zheng and Dr. Xiang Song · Proposed IR-based code generator to systematically bridge the gap between programming interface and kernel APIs, and decouples models, data layout, kernel-specific optimization from each other · Achieves up to 7.8× speed-up in inference and 5.6× speed-up in training compared with public state-of-the-art system in RGCN, RGAT, HGT · Proposed one inter-operator optimization and two intermediate data layout options to further accelerate the system to deliver up to 2.2× speed up

Systems & Software Research Associate (Intern) @ HPE Labs

Systems Architecture & Management Lab, May 2021 -- Aug. 2021 Manager and Mentor:: Dr. Dejan Milojicic and Dr. Sai Rahul Chalamalasetti · Investigated opportunities to accelerate operators from Intel DAOS distributed storage systems. · Findings accepted by proceedings of internal conference HPE TechCon 2022. · Pending U.S. patent.

Compiler Software Engineer Intern -- GPU @ Nvidia

Optimizing Code Generator (OCG) Team, May 2020 -- Aug. 2020 Manager and Mentors:: Jerry Zheng, Howard Chen, James Player · Worked on a prototypical LLVM backend compiler. · Designed and developed an extensible vectorization pass. · Designed and developed a Machine IR peephole optimizations driver.

Software Engineer Intern @ MSR Asia

Software Analytics Group, Jan. 2019 -- July 2019 Manager and Mentor:: Qingwei Lin, Bo Qiao · Developed a general pipeline for anomaly detection algorithms. · Refactored existing logic to incorporate it into this new pipeline. · Efficiently parallelize an anomaly detection algorithm in Java.